Canon Over Casco Bay

This is a watercolor study of a Civil War canon keeping watch over Casco Bay in Portland, Maine. I do watercolor studies that will develop into oil paintings. The watercolors provide an immediacy of a subject matter that cannot be captured by other mediums. I was attracted to the warm, late summer sunshine on the lawn and canon and its contrast to the quiet, peaceful waters of Casco Bay.

Please try the "Live Preview" feature. If you would like to see how this painting would look in your home simply click on the "Live Preview" at the lower left of the picture. Follow the prompts and you will be able to project the painting onto your wall and you will be able to see exactly how it would look. The "Print Options" will allow you to see what it would look like with mats and frames.

This artwork is available for collectors to own (the price does not include a frame).