Mr. Emerson

This is an oil painting of Mr. Les Emerson. Mr. Emerson had the first Chevrolet Dealership in Auburn, Maine. He was highly successful. His sons continue the business to this day.

His family commissioned this portrait to honor his legacy as a successful businessman and a wonderful family man. The portrait reflects Mr. Emerson's demeanor; relaxed, kind, caring, and successful.

Velazquez, the Spanish master was a great influence on this painting. Velazquez painted striking portraits against simple backgrounds. He captured the nature, character, and personality of his sitters.
This is an example of a larger "Head and Hands" portrait. If you would like more information on commissioning a portrait to honor a family member or honor a successful and influential person please go to the "Portrait Price Schedule" page. You can contact Don at [email protected] or 207-838-7191